Sunday, August 7, 2011

A walk in the park

The expression "a walk in the park" is frequently used by sailors when they take a leisurely walk on topside decks after a meal.  It's a quiet time to gather your thoughts and recharge--no trees and grass but the ocean waves, swells and wind.  That expression came to mind this week as I was walking on the waterfront and took a picture of a ship returning to port after a six month deployment.
Later that morning at an awards ceremony on another ship I took pictures of the award presentations. The picture that stood out though was the traditional Honor Guard--the ceremony is transitionary--the solemnness of these sailors evokes a time honored patriotic permanence that words fall short to describe. It was a "walk in the park" for me.
Crepe Myrtle varieties bloom for 90 days and thrive in our hot and humid summer weather. I have had one in a pot for 10 or 12 years--I'm on my third pot. It's a nice specimen tree and I like the raspberry color of the bloom.
Another plant that I've been struggled to find the right spot is Cardinal Flower. I need to get it staked since it gets floppy and is somewhat temperamental--wet winter soil is is fatal. Here are the blue and red varieties.
The rose of the week is St. Patrick. It is a prolific bloomer in hot weather.
I just had to share another picture of the Naked Lady in full bloom. I cut them for church flowers this week and they're in the arrangement.

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  1. I hope the members of your Church appreciate the wonderful blooms you share each week. Love the color combination this week.