Monday, August 15, 2011

Shorter Days

This is the first week I've really noticed how much sooner darkness arrives and then the bulb catalogues arrive so I know summer is about to end. My garden looks tired right now which is sort of how I felt in the heat and humidity.  As a kid we didn't have air conditioning but I wasn't raised in the South--how did Southeners cope in the summer--guess that's why they move and talk slower.  I know I do when I'm out in the garden this time of the year.  Anyway here are some of the new flowers blooming this week. The Canna's have been blooming for several weeks--I like this picture of the bloom and seed pods.
I've had tough time getting Crocosmia to really flourish but this year is a better showing than I've had in recent years.
An annual that I tried for the first time this year is Laurentia.  It has done very well and looks good even in the dog days of summer.
I grow Caladiums in pots since they need to be kept moist and with a little fertilizer they stand out.
Just coming into full bloom is False Dragonhead.
The rose of the week is Don Juan.  This is the first year for this climber.
Last week Janet asked in the comments if the cut flowers I bring are appreciated.  Actually I have the easy part since everybody appreciates cut flowers. Now the ladies that make the arrangements have the tough job of making 12 or more arrangements each week. Not only are these ladies dedicated but they have taken flower arranging courses offered at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Several months ago after the last Sunday Mass before Ash Wednesday, it was announced that we needed to remove all arrangements and plant material from the sanctuary and it was available for parishioners to take home--you'd have thought it was a blue light special at K-mart they were gone that fast. That was solid affirmation for them.
Here are this weeks church flowers and an arrangement.

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