Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Time Blooms

It was a 'Hallelujah' moment this weekend when I saw my first 'Naked Lady' blooms. I had almost given up that they would ever bloom since these were passed to me from my brother four years ago. I guess they just need time to get comfortable. Since then I've planted red and yellow varieties that have yet to bloom--maybe next year. I am so happy--the simple beauty of this flower on a two foot stalk without a leaf is striking.
The hot weather is as stressful to plants as well as us humans. I thought I was doing an adequate job of keeping everything watered but I overlooked the needs of these. The first is a Japanese Maple and the next is a young Dogwood. I think both will survive but they are not happy.
Crepe Myrtles are in bloom and flourish in this area. I thought I'd show the before and after of those that were severely pruned in a post back in March of this year. They don't look real good but all have a lot of new growth and are in bloom.
The rose this week is 'The Dark Lady'. This rose is a very slow grower and has a rich full bloom.
These are the flowers I took to church and one of the arrangements this week.

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  1. Oh those murdered Crapes, they struggle to survive.
    The first Naked Lady I saw was down on Victoria Ave. at the ballet studio. Gorgeous bloom!