Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot and Humid

The last week in July is typically hot and humid and this year is not an exception. I can tolerate heat and humidity as long as there is a breeze in the evening. Without the breeze simple garden tasks become a chore very quickly. Though the humidity is high, the soil dries quickly when the temps approach 100. I've contributed to plant stress by planting much to close but good deep watering at least twice a week seems to be working.

A plant that has been blooming for some time is Tall Verbena. This plant goes into overdrive when you deadhead or take cuttings. The tiny florets seem to have a light inside to me.
Another flower that is a reminder of my Mother's garden is 4 O'clocks. These were a Martha Stewart seed selection I picked up at a big box years ago.
My Mother always enjoyed Geraniums. I never developed the fondness that she had for them but I always grow a pot in her memory. I over wintered this pot in the garage which made for a robust plant this year.
The False Sunflower and Coreopsis are in full bloom this week.
A variegated leaf plant that will get a small red flower spike in the fall is Planters Palette. It is a good foliage cutting for arrangements.
The rose this week is Black Jack.
This rose is not doing well after the first flush of blooms this year and may not survive since a major branch died back, the leaves look anemic, and the blooms are smaller. This was a J&P rose that is not available now. Since this is an excellent cutting rose I took some cuttings to try and propagate it. I often fail at rooting cuttings of a Coleus so wasn't confident that this would be successful. I took cuttings, dipped them in a rooting hormone and a planted them in a pearlite potting soil mix four weeks ago. On the lower left cutting you can see new growth.
This weeks cut flowers and a floral arrangement.

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  1. Hot and humid and then some!! Wheww. As for your comment from my previous comment, yes, JMU anniversary blooms are going strong.
    Beautiful flowers.