Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've updated my garden picture above. For over 20 years none of my neighbors had fences and the back yard lot line was a heavy wooded area. When the builder developed the wooded area all the new neighbors behind me erected fences and a new neighbor on my right also built a fence. At first it took a while to adjust but I like gardening next to a fence instead of a forest. Now my garden seems to be more to scale, I have more sun, and I'm not fighting tree roots. A couple of years ago I began building the fence on my open side and side yards and just finished the gates. I tried to build a fence that was welcoming rather than saying "stay out".

This is the time of year when Zinnias overwhelm all other flowers in my garden. Look at the range of colors this week.
This next Zinnia looked washed out next to the more vibrant colors but if you enlarge the picture (double click on it) you can better see the texture and colors.  It is stunning I think.
 The rose of the week is Mister Lincoln.
And the church Flowers this week.


  1. Great zinnia colors! I have two zinnias this from an old packet of seeds from JMU's anniversary celebration and a new one from Park Seed...guess which has bigger blooms?

  2. I've really enjoyed reading through your blog (from present to past). My husband and I purchased a home in Newport News in early spring, and I'm really looking forward to all the gardening possibilities I'll have in our yard. It's so nice to find locals who are blogging about their gardens, so I can see what's doing well in this area. Your zinnias are gorgeous! Hopefully, I'll have a nice spot to grow my own next summer.

  3. Thanks greggo.

    Janet, My bet is on the JMU Anniversary Zinnia's.

    Paula, Good luck. This is a wonderful area for a garden and there are a lot of great resources in this region that can assist you.