Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

It rained and then it rained some more this week. The total was over five inches and broke the moderate drought for this area.  It's nice to enjoy these hazy humid evenings sitting on a swing.  While I don't have a big porch with a swing I have one in the garden that is perfect on summer days.  This swing was new last year since the previous one had rotted out after 30 years.
The perfect location for a swing is this one at the end of Cedar Lane in Newport News, VA looking out over the James River. This is close to perfection.
The flowers in the curb garden around the mailbox are filling in and add a lot of color. Ageratum and Lantana are forgiving if it gets a little dry and they thrive in the heat.
Black Eyed Susan's are in full bloom. I really like the way the buds unwrap. What would a garden be without these carefree heavy bloomers.
The rose this week is The McCartney Rose.  It is very fragrant and a heavy bloomer with lush foliage.
This weeks church flowers and an arrangement.


  1. What a beautiful spot for a swing. Looks so relaxing. Your Ageratum looks so pretty on the corner. I love Lantana and have collected several over the years. The only problem is that I have to drag them into the basement before winter here but they are worth it and so forgiving. Those are some beautiful bouquets for the church.

  2. Nice swing Gene, is that by the Museum? Someone in my MG class lived along River(front?)Road next to the Museum.
    I love the easy way of Black-eyed Susans. Great bouquet for church.

  3. Lona, I rotate tulips in the curb garden so don't hold the Lantana over but it will survive winter in this area with just a heavy mulch.

    Janet, The Cedar Lane swing is near Lions Bridge on River Road. I imagine there is always a slight breeze in that swing.

  4. Pretty Pictures Dad. You will need to update your arbor picture with pictures of the new gates. Or I suppose that will be for this weekends posts?

    You take great pictures, I am sure it isn't hard since your plants/flowers are beautiful.

  5. I believe I recognize that swing at the end of Cedar Lane as I grew up on Douglas Drive, a stone's throw from there. Summer strolls down that lane to the river at Capt. Smith's looms large in my memory. Great photos! Healthy flowers! Ann