Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Flowers

This was a good week for the garden with a nice rain and sunny days.  Only one evening was too hot and humid to spend an hour working and enjoying the garden.  I thought I'd add a rose of the week.  I've got about ten roses in my garden and another 30+ that I've planted and care for on the church grounds.  This week the best bloom is St. Swithun.
The phlox is a heavy bloomer this year. I've done a better job of keeping it watered and that helps keep the bloom fresh I think.
The Canna blooms do not show any Japanese beetle damage this year but I did see them on a rose this week though it seems to be a light infestation this year.
This Liatris is in a pot on the patio.  Next year I'll move it to the garden.
These next two plants were bought at a nursery in Clarkson Nebraska when my brother and I were traveling to South Dakota.  The first is Lisianthus.  I've kept it in a pot and winter it in the garage.  It is slow growing and seems to need hot weather to get going.  The next is a purple leaved loosetrife called Firecracker.  
This weeks church flowers and an arrangement.

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  1. I'm working on old emails & found the address for your blog. I will bookmark it & start checking it out. My triumph for the year are lupines & canterbury bells. The allium are a close second.