Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Heat and Humidity

The weather changed form a relatively cool spring to hot and humid mid-summer weather for the first week of June.  I've been busy keeping everything watered since we haven't had many rainy spring days.  I've had more plant damage/losses from rabbits and voles than the drought.  The biggest bloomer in my garden this week is Monarda.  I don't recall this variety but it rarely mildews.
One of my favorites is Yarrow. I've never been able to get the blooms to stand up but I like the flower head and the foliage. The red ages to pink and the yellow ages to white.
I grow Princess Lily in a pot and winter it over in the garage.  This pot is about five years old.
The side shoots on the Foxglove are stunning. The foliage is starting to die so these won't last much longer.
The first bloom of Prairie Sun opened in the heat this week.
The rabbits have enjoyed the coneflowers but they are quickly putting out new leaves and blooming.
I had several buckets of flowers for church this week and an arrangement with the Monarda, Lady Bells, and Solomon's Seal.

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