Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring to Summer

The garden transition from spring to summer is a little like watching your children grow from birth to adults. Following winter, spring flowers are an awakening to new life as it unfolds in waves each week whereas summer flowers have a fullness and richness that reflects life as an adult. The big showoffs in my garden this week are the Hydrangeas.

A sure sign of summer are Sun Drops. They can be a little invasive but are easy to pull.
It only took two days for this Red Hot Poker to show its color.

These are the white and pink Astible--the photo of the red was blurred.

I was able to get pictures of both the red and white Rose Campion this year. I like the grey green foliage of these and Lambs Ear.

In full bloom is Campanula Pantaloons. It is blooming heavy this year. I have it in two areas and it really prefers the shadier site.
The last flowers this week are Lady Bells.

I had four buckets of flowers and foliage this week for church arrangements.

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  1. I would love a thick stand of Rose Campion like that~ maybe one day.
    Beautiful flowers Gene.