Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Spring Weather

Another week of mild daytime temps (70's), cool evenings, and a few showers.  Garden flowers have persisted much longer this year. I don't believe I've ever had Foxgloves for five weeks and the side shoots are in bloom now. The first Dahlia bud opened this week blooming at least a month earlier than normal. There was more blooming in the garden this evening than I expected when I took a garden walk with the camera.

Last of the big Foxglove spikes.
The first Dahlia with many many buds.  I do not dig the tubers in the fall since I have never had any luck with digging and storing them.
This is the first coneflower of the season.
Coreopsis are in full bloom.
I've had several viburnums over the years but you need to get the right variety especially in small gardens since some get bigger than you might expect.  This is 'winterthur'.

I've had mixed results with Heuchera's over the years.  They form a nice clump and flower good when I keep them moist.  The first pic is in a pot on a patio table and gets watered daily.  The next is 'Georgia Peach'.

Another shrub in heavier than normal bloom this year is Florida Leucothoe.  This is a good shrub for dry shade and has a nice weeping habit.
In the curb garden Gallardia is in full bloom.  When I keep it deadheaded it blooms profusely for the entire summer.

These were the church flower cuttings this past week and an arrangement.

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