Sunday, May 1, 2011

George and Martha

George Tabor and Martha Hitchock Azaleas are in full and spectacular bloom. The first is a wall of flowers (George Tabor) about eight feet high and the second (Martha Hitchock) is an unique color.
More roses opened this week. The first is MisBehavin and then Black Jack one of my favorites.
A lone peony started to open with the raindrops of an afternoon shower.
I missed getting a picture of cotoneaster in its prime but every year this standard looks better.
Hawthorn's would be more highly coveted if their bloom time didn't occur during the prime of azaleas.  This is a single plant probably 10 feet high and 15 feet wide planted beneath crepe myrtles.
I usually order six foxgloves in the fall but this year I also had some self seed from bird droppings.
This Amsonia was moved this spring but seems to like its new home.
Though it's been drier than normal this year (about only one inch of rain in April) but with spot watering and cooler than normal temperatures the garden right now is bursting with color.  I took a couple of buckets of flowers for floral arrangements to church this week with one of the arrangements shown.

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