Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter week

I was able to take some flowers for floral arrangements at church this week since the lenten period of sack cloth and ashes has passed. In keeping with my family tradition I planted a few potatoes on Good Friday. I planted them in my compost pile this year since I have had a lot of crop failures over the years--this will be the year for a bumper crop.  My garden is blooming nicely though several weeks later than last year.  The red camellia is in full bloom now.  It is always the last one to bloom.

A shrub that I appreciate more each year is Deutzia. Since I've been pruning it heavily after bloom it puts on a better show the next year.  It's a good cut flower too.

The azalea's are slow in breaking into full bloom this year.  This red is one of favorites.
This next azalea is all that remains of four originally planted quite a few years ago. The hawthorne next to them is gradually shading them out.
This next azalea was picked up from the curb on trash day. It's a keeper as I see it.
Dianthus is just starting to bloom.
The first bearded iris is open.  These were from my brother's garden and usually bloom twice.
The first roses blooms opened this week. There were just a couple of blooms but lots of buds so it may be a good year for the rose.

The last blooms this week are lily's of the valley. Just two weeks ago they were just waking up and this week in full bloom.
These flowers went to church this weekend and one of the arrangements they were used in.

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  1. I have Deutzia for the first time, Nikko, I have enjoyed the full blooms. I didn't know there was a variegated one, nice! I need to remember to prune mine soon.
    Love the flowers on the alter, just lovely.