Sunday, February 20, 2011

I smell Spring

It was one of those weeks where the temps climbed into the 50's, then 60's, and finally 70's but the soil was still cool.  Stepping outside you immediately notice a moist earthy smell that seems to permeate the atmosphere and coupled with the warming sun signals one thing--it's springtime.  Gardening requires a gentle touch right now as new growth is tender.  I stopped at the rose garden in Huntington Park this weekend to see how the Rosarians were cutting back their roses especially the climbers. I was surprised at the new growth on their roses and when I checked my roses I had one with a lot of new growth too.
This week I've got daffodils with nice buds forming.  It took just a couple of warm days.
 The Daphne buds are ready to burst open.
 The Star Magnolia buds are starting to split--it won't be long now.
And finally Yuletide Camellia is almost in full bloom.
My spring order of flower seeds arrived about a month ago.  I plan on starting some of them in the next couple of weeks for use in my garden or the cutting garden I'm starting this year behind the church.  Here is the church raised bed--it's 4' x 24'.
These are the flower seeds that I ordered:

Sunflower Sunrich Orange (single stem)
Sunflower Pro-cut Bicolor (single stem)
Ageratum Blue Horizon
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun
Aster China mixed
Celosia Pampus Plume
Zinnia Benary's Giant Mixed
Scabiosa Olympia mixed

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