Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Daffodil

I noticed a few daffodils around town blooming this week and was happy to see two in my garden just starting to open. Another first bloom of spring is a lowly dandelion but it does look cheery after months of winter. I'll wait awhile and enjoy it before i pull it. The other sign of the season change is the longer days. Some days it's still pretty chilly but I get to spend some time each day doing garden chores.  What a great way to finish the work day. So here is my first daffodil.
Still blooming and now in real splendor is my oldest Mahonia. It is doing better this year than in years past. Here are two pics of the 7 or 8 branches with blooming brackets on this old bush.

This camellia has been blooming for about 4 months now and it just keeps getting better. With the number of buds it will easily go for another month.
I took another look at the Lenten Rose and it is in full bud stage now.
The edgeworthia is starting to open. I moved him last year so I'm glad it survived and seems to be doing better in this spot and I like it in this spot too.
I cut some flowering ornamental branches and magnolia for the first non-florist church flower arrangement.

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