Monday, March 7, 2011


It was a typical spring week--some days cool, others windy, and some rain. When I went to take garden pictures following some morning drizzle I was able to capture droplets of water on the flowers. I've always admired the flower pics on other blogs with dew on the petals.  This was a first for me and made a dreary day kinda special. This is also the first year in many years that this camellia's blossoms haven't been burned by a late freeze.

This next camellia is only two years old and I've already moved it twice but it seems to like this spot.  Its growth is supposed to be more columnar than spreading--time will tell.
I believe the signature flower of any southern garden is the magnolia. I was reluctant to try any magnolias for many years since it seemed to define a southerner and I hadn't quite shed my northern great plains roots.  But about four years ago I decided that after 30+ years in Virginia it was time.  The buds are about to break on these two.

Last week I had just two daffodils blooming and this week there are hundreds.  The cool weather means a long season of bloom.  Here are some clumps from my garden.

I cut a bucket of daffodils for the first church flowers of the year.  They made a neat little arrangement from it.

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  1. Beautiful blooms Gene! Is that a yellow Magnolia??? looks wonderful.
    I like that pale pink Camellia. Very sweet.