Sunday, February 13, 2011


I almost missed it but last week marked the first anniversary of this blog. It has become a fun weekly project that I enjoy.  Using a camera to capture plant growth and flowers for the blog has opened my eyes. It has changed my focus from the macro to the micro.  I now see details that I never took the time to appreciate fully.  I am richer for having started this blog.

This should have been our last real winter weather week.  I saw swelling buds and new growth as I cleaned beds this week.  My Lenten Rose is showing new growth but it is late.  It's a good thing that Lent is late this year or it would be blooming after Easter.  I'm not real fond of Lenten Rose mostly because the flower opens downward and you can't really see it.  I've seen a variety at the nursery that opens facing upward so might consider trying one of them.
Daffodils are slowly pushing up but I didn't see any flower buds even in protected southern exposures.
For a couple of years I've been trying to determine if I had all male or female Aucuba's since I never had any red seed pods.  Last year I found a fruiting female at the nursery and added it to my garden.  It has red fruits this year so now I know the three Aucuba's I had were male and they pollinated the new one. Here is an older male and the female.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Gene. Your Acuba is really stunning, love the foliage with the yellow speckles.
    I have lots of daffodils starting to show some green through the soil.....can't wait!