Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sitting under a Sycamore

It was a beautiful fall weekend made better by a visit with our grandkids.  We spent Saturday at two local parks--Sandy Bottom Nature Park and Huntington park.  At Sandy Bottom we checked out the snakes native to this area display, walked a trail and couldn't wait to get to the playground.   In the afternoon we went to Huntington Park to clamber over and about a wooden playground fort called Fort Fun.  I took my camera and as I was watching them I looked up and noticed the sun playing on the leaves of this Sycamore.
 Needing to stretch my legs I walked across the parking lot to a children's fishing pond and captured the late afternoon sun reflecting on the water.
On Sunday we visited Bluebird Gap Farm and fed the goats.
 Only a few blooms in the garden this week.  I always grow one pot of geraniums each year in memory of my Mother.  Even as age slowed her and she couldn't work a garden she had geraniums every year.
The church flower cuttings this week were mostly foliage and the arrangement fits the season.

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  1. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and both Sandy Bottom Park and Bluebird Gap Farm are great places to enjoy it.