Monday, November 22, 2010

Red berries, leaves and blooms

This week is the peak of fall color.  It seems the reds are redder this year--maybe the drought but I don't recall seeing such intense color the last couple of years.  Today we drove the Colonial Parkway and on the ferry crossing the James River I took this picture of Jamestown Island shoreline. So many rich yellows, rusts, and reds--after awhile you almost overload on the visual experience.
In my garden the red berries on the Crabapple (Red Jade), Nandina, and Holly sparkle in the bright sun.
I watched a rose bud open the is week and as I walked from the rose to a camelia the similarity in the bud caught my eye--though when fully open they differ.
I'm a little late cleaning out the compost pile and turning the old over to make way for next years collection.  It's a cold compost that I only turn once and yields about a yard after two years. I haven't thrown any yard or garden waste in probably 30 years except invasive or diseased plants.
 This weeks flowers and foliage didn't come from my garden but roadside and wetlands.  This is the arrangement.


  1. I imagine a ferry ride when the colors are so gorgeous would be lovely.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Gene, this is beautiful. I did not know you had such great writing skills. This makes me homesick for Virginia--the first I have felt since we moved to FL. The snow does not. Thanks for helping Marie and Ann so much. You are a God Send.

    Virginia and Charlie