Sunday, November 7, 2010

Foliage Plants

I thought I'd show several foliage plants that look good right now.  I'd like to have included some Hostas but they are looking a little ragged at this time of year. They all have a tropical look to them and the first two can be grown in pots.  The first is Bear's Breech.  It has been in the same spot for about 10 years and has never bloomed for me.  The foliage looks good in the spring until about July when the summer heat just beats it down even in almost full shade.  It recovers in September and looks good until the first hard freeze.
The next is Rice paper Plant.  This plant is in partial shade and takes the summer heat but it has never bloomed for me either.
Another good shade plant in the garden is Fatsia.  It has been in the same spot near the back door by the utility boxes for about 15 years.  It is budding now, and keeps its foliage throughout the winter.
Every week I think that this is the last week that I'll be able to take cuttings but so far the garden keeps producing.  It was a drizzly morning when I took cuttings this week.  I did not fertilize the garden this summer as I should have--I was just trying to keep it watered but when I see these Peace rose cuttings I wonder how much bigger they might have been had I fertilized them regularly.
The Ginger Lily foliage was burned this summer but the cooler fall weather and rain have rejuvenated it.  These are the best cuttings of the year.
This is one of the church arrangements this week.  It's a little out of focus and I didn't realize that until I downloaded the pics tonight.


  1. Love the big leafed plants. I am thinking about getting an Acanthus....time to ponder a bit, yours is very nice.

  2. Janet--I'm sure there is a spot in your new garden for this plant. When it is in its prime it is a show stopper.