Sunday, October 31, 2010

Growing Sedum

Earlier this summer I had mentioned to my brother that the Sedum in my garden never really looked good when it bloomed.  He advised me to cut it back which would force it to put forth larger heads which I did.  Well this is what mine looked like this week--so I sent him this picture and thanked him for his advice. It looks pretty sad!
In reply he sent me this picture of his Sedum.  Now that's the way it should look!!  He's promised to send me some of his in the spring--maybe next year I'll turn the corner on growing this plant.
The weather was warm this week so the fall budding perennials started blooming with the exception of Stoksia.  Below are Ligulraria, Anemone, and Tuberose.
Some of the tuberose went to church this weekend.  I also brought cat tails, magnolia, swamp myrtle, and bamboo from ditches and wetlands.  The tuberose was used in this arrangement.

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