Sunday, October 24, 2010

End of Summer Blooms

When I took a walk in the garden this weekend you could feel the end of summer.  The Zinnias which had bloomed for so many weeks have given up except for a few small blooms, the last Rose buds are swelling, and the Dahlias have just a few buds.  It's been a cool week so the budding flowers I've shown the last couple of weeks have not changed this week so I did not include any pics.  I did find a few plants in bloom.  Oxalis really stands out since it is not competing with large summer flowers.
A strong performer all summer and even into fall is Black and Blue Sage. This picture doesn't capture the impact this plant has in the border.

You can feel the end of summer in the sparse bloom and seeds of Plumbago.

I was surprised at the similarity of bloom color between Tall Verbena and Lantana.

It was slim pickings for this weeks church flowers.


  1. great pics Gene...did you get a new camera?
    happy fall

  2. I'm using the same camera--maybe I'm getting better at using it's features. It's my daughter Laura's old camera--an Olympus C-2100 2.1 megapixel 10X optical zoom with a view finder.