Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally a rainy day

Somedays you give thanks for even a light drizzle.  What an extremely dry summer.  It's been cooler and I sort of let up on watering but noticed even the azalea leaves were drooping this week.  The drizzle today didn't accumulate much but it was refreshing to feel it--simple pleasures.  One of the best flowers in my garden this summer has been the Zinnias.  I think I've taken cuttings for about 8 weeks.  The seed packet from "Renee's Garden" labeled them as Cutting Zinnias Hot Crayon Colors.  Most of the seedlings turned out to be red but some yellows and oranges.  I've got enough seeds left for next year--if they don't germinate I'll get another packet.  Here are the red zinnias.

Another good cut flower this year has been Dahlias.  This is the second year for these since I left them in the ground this past winter.  I've never successfully overwintered the tubers.

This crabapple is stunning twice a year--spring bloom and fall fruit.

I never really noticed Kousa dogwood set these seed pods before.

This weeks church flowers.

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