Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coastal Virginia in the Fall

The waning days of Summer just seem to linger in coastal Virginia.  Again this year the daytime temperatures have moderated, the evenings are cool but not chilly, and the humidity has dropped--just a lot drier than normal.  It's the warm water in the bay and ocean that takes the edge off cool fronts as they push through.  I'm rewarded with the last flush of fresh blooms and some blooming for the first time.  The first pictures are of Fleece Flower.  I've had a clump in the shade of a Hawthorne for about 10 years and this year moved part of it to semi shade.  It has a bicolor green leaf and in blooms with astilbe type flowers that add interest to cut flower arrangements.

Sedum is starting to show color.

Hot summer sun often scorches the leaves of Dragon Wings Begonia but it has recovered.  You get a lot of flower/foliage from just one 4" pot.

This weeks church cuttings and arrangements.


  1. What a beautiful garden you have. I regret not having taken the time before this to look at your blog.


  2. Hey Dad,
    Checking out your blog, beautiful pictures. Glad you have figured out the digital camera... : )
    I like the postings of the church arrangements from the gathering to the see the transformation.
    I always knew you loved gardening, but the blog truly shows your passion and talent for it.
    Love you!