Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mid June Garden

The primroses in my garden have just kept blooming and blooming.  It's a very good year for them.  They are carefree perennials that give back far more than what you give them.  They will always have a spot in my garden.  The first is called Lemmon Drops and is more trailing in habit than the Sundrops.  

This picture of Sundrops seems to reflect the sun.  I think this clump has been blooming for over 6 weeks now.

My favorite though is Missouri Primrose.  The flowers are big and when I walk out in the garden in the morning and and look at the almost translucent petals--I know it will be a good day.  I grow this variety in a pot since it died off in my garden a couple of times but has been in this pot for about 5 years now.

I'm really happy the way this Rudbeckia recovered from being eaten to just a few stalks by a rabbit last year.  This is Prairie Sun.

Time for something other than yellow flowers.  One of the first things I started from seed 25 years ago was Cleome.  It has self seeded every year since then.  It really self seeds so I pull it aggressively but it seems I'm always pulling weeds and the few that I leave reward me with these beautiful blooms.

I gave a florist hydrangea to my wife for some occasion quite a few years ago and then planted it in the garden.  It got crowded and after too much neglect some of the stems had rooted but the main plant had died.  I dug those up and moved them to a new location and these are the first blooms after the second year in its new spot.

A lot of church flowers this week. 


  1. wow, you already have zinnias!
    happy summer gardening Gene

  2. I like the praire sun Rubeckia :)
    - love the pics.. daughter # 1 --hahaha :)