Saturday, June 19, 2010

Canna's and Calla's

It's the time of year when Canna and Calla Lily's are in their prime.   The bright colors of Canna's are sort of in your face while the Calla's are more subdued.  I enjoy both.  The pink flushed Calla's are new so I'm not sure how tall a mature clump will be.  The whites are about 3 feet tall.  I don't dig them in the fall since the ground doesn't freeze deep enough in the winter to kill them.  The one time I did dig them I left them on a picnic table to dry and a hard freeze turned them to mush.  So I leave them in the ground now.

This Canna is blooming in a pot between the garage doors.  For many years I have had Hibiscus in this spot but strong winds always blew it over even with bricks in the bottom of the pot.  So far the Canna hasn't blown over but it has a lot of foliage so I may still have a wind problem.

The weather seems to be agreeing with the Phlox this year.  They are bigger and healthier looking than in past years.  Here is the first bloom.

Another favorite of mine is Yarrow.  This clump is a couple of years old.  I really like the color I just wish it would stand more upright.  It looks good with the Lambs Ears.

This Day Lily was passed down to me by a co-worker over 20 years ago.  I've probably dug a hundred clumps for friends since it is a prolific spreader.  I think this winter I'll thin it back more and add some of the newer varieties.

Again this weeks church flowers.

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