Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Spring Blooms

I've been cutting bearded Iris for a couple of weeks now so thought I'd share some of the blooms.  The first is a yellow that my brother gave to me a couple of years ago--it is my only re-bloomer. I have a couple of new ones that I bought last year from the local Iris society at a plant sale.  They were healthy looking but two of the six didn't survive--not sure why but for the price I paid it was disappointing.  Several years ago I bought shriveled up end of he year closeouts at Lowe's and had a better success rate but it did take an extra year before they bloomed.  Enough grumbling--the blooms are what it is all about.

Another carpet type flower that slowly expands is Dianthus.  I've had this one for quite a few years and it requires some cutting back every year now.

The next photo is Amsonia.  It is a nice clump and seems to like it's location near some Lambs Ear.

I always find a spot for flowering shrubs on standards so when I found both a Cotoneaster and Gardenia in the 50% discount bin at a local nursery the price was right.  After being in the ground for only a month the Cotoneaster bloomed.

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