Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring to Summer

The weather this past week was hot dry and windy though it has cooled off the last couple of days.  I like it when spring sort of lingers but this year it seemed like a race.  The peony blooms lasted only a couple of days in the strong hot wind.  The spinach bolted too.  The primrose likes it hot so it looks good.  It is growing through the pavers on the patio--I didn't plant it there but over the years it has walked about 8-10 feet from where I planted it.

I usually order about six foxglove plants in the fall but I've had some self seeding this year.  They are very good as a cut flower and if cut they develop side shoots that really prolongs the bloom time.

Over 20 years ago I planted a Beauty Bush ( Kolkwitzia Amabilis) in a spot that is mostly shade.  It has adapted pretty well but is a bit leggy and about 9-10 feet tall.  It holds it's flowers for several weeks.

Lots of cut flowers for church this week.

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  1. we are really dry down here this week. I hope we get rain before the temps climb back into the 90s. B/c of the dryness, those primroses are even more appreciated... great flower shots.