Monday, May 3, 2010

Mid-Spring Garden Flowers

My garden is getting ahead of me.  When I started this garden diary I wanted to record what was being displayed about once a week.  At this time of spring there seem to be so many plants saying "look at me" that I am not doing justice in capturing all its beauty.

These first photos are of peony--a white and a pink.  This is the first year for the white and it is just a single bloom.  I dug it from my parents backyard in South Dakota in November 2008--it was about 10-12 inches deep and had probably not been moved since it was planted in the 50's.  The pink I moved from a previous house and was also originally planted in the 50's.

Several years ago I saw two azaleas in the clearance bin at a local nursery.  It's always a leap of faith that the tags on the plant are the right ones but I was lucky--these were matched and are real beauties.

A flowering shrub that I have had difficulty getting established is a large flowered rhododendron.   I've sent 3 or 4 to the compost pile over the years but I may be turning the corner.  This guy isn't a plant catalogue specimen but it is still alive and blooming.

My first rose of the season is climbing Golden Showers.

Money plant is a biannual that freely self seeds.  It is very prolific but easy to control--it's interesting to see where it will come up every year.

This clematis has been growing on my mailbox for about 10 years.  It does better than I would expect since the soil between the curb and the sidewalk gets hot and dry with infrequent watering.

We've had very warm weather for the last several days which pushed the Siberian Iris into bloom.  I just divided and reduced the size of this clump last fall so I'm happy to see it blooming so nicely.

And lastly church flowers this week.

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  1. Gene, I love the flowers. Congratulations on the white peony that you moved from your parents place! I am surprised it has already settled enough to bloom