Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last week of Spring

It may be the last week of Spring but the weather says August. Another much above normal hot week. But the garden is looking lush and healthy. I can't believe the height of these first two lily clumps…at least 4-5 feet.

These next two lilies are so delicate and such color.

New Day Lilies are blooming each week.  Here's four more.

I'm surprised the Yarrow has held up in the heat for so long this year.  Here is a red variety.
Monarda is always a showstopper this time of the year.

Stokesia Daisy is a cool blue on a hot day.
David phlox is in full bloom too.
A couple of roses in bloom this week. The first is Dark Lady. It's a David Austin rose and was named for Shakespeare's mistress. It is sultry looking and one of my favorites.
This is Don Juan, a climber. He is looking good right now but in a month black spot will hit him hard. It's been too hot for me to get covered up to spray so the roses will suffer but they should survive.
And lastly a couple of arrangements from the garden.

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  1. The last week of spring has felt more like the middle of summer.