Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring color

The cool weather last week really extended the period of bloom. Tulips, forsythia, even the redbuds have held far longer than in past years. The second wave of tulips in my curb garden have opened while the early tulips are still in bloom.

This is a tulip sport in the curb garden…it's very nice…I'd like to have a whole bed of it.
The creeping phlox has been blooming for over two weeks already and may go for another 2 weeks.

I'm always fascinated by emerging solomon's seal.
I thought I might have winter die back on Kerri but it is blooming better this year than in past years.
The spring blooming camellias did suffer from the harsh winter. I have very weak and sporadic blooms on all of them. These may be the last of the blooms for this year.

The following are Easter flowers. This first is a garden created behind the altar and cross. The plan is to replenish the blooming pots/shrubs/cut flowers to maintain a garden in bloom appearance for the 40 days of Easter. I'll update this pic weekly. The other is an arrangement at the sanctuary doors.

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