Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers

It has been a wet week with some warmer days but it still feels like a cool Spring. While most plants and shrubs are blooming a little later the colors are just vibrant this year. This first pic is a red azalea. I bought it as a Valentines Day plant for my wife over 25 years ago. I was planning to add a Valentine azalea each year but when my wife found out this was for the garden vice just for her…well there's only one Valentine's azalea in my garden!!
I was a little slow in taking pics of the red and pink dogwoods but the faded blooms are interesting too. 
I let money plant self seed throughout the garden. 
Virginia Blue Bells are a long lasting spring flower.
The emerging leaves on Fatsia always catch my eye.
The panseys set off the statue of Mary in the church garden.
The altar garden week 2 and an arrangement are below.

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