Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprise Lily

YES!!!! The Surprise lily's bloomed this past week. Not sure why they are so late this year but they are stunning.
Also the Blackberry lily is in bloom. This is a new planting that I ordered in late Spring. For some reason they die off after a couple of years. I think my heavy winter mulch may smother them so this one is planted in a pot.
I'm trying to eradicate Autumn Glory Clematis from my garden but it keeps popping up in new is pretty though it self seeds everywhere.
After deadheading Stokesia is blooming again.
The season is changing as the little dwarf crab apples change color.
The rose of the week is Wenlock.
I haven't been present to cut flowers the last couple of weeks. I'm a care giver for my wife and the aide who helps me out several days a week hasn't been able to come on Fridays. Fortunately others have filled in to cut them.  Here is an arrangement from last week.

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