Sunday, August 18, 2013

Garden Hopes and Dreams

Over the years I've had ample plant failures. But with perseverance and a little luck I'm usually successful after a few attempts. This past week I saw Lycoris Squamigera blooming in a neighbors front yard. Since he moved into the house about 10 years ago he eliminated the front garden and mows everything including the spring foliage but It still blooms every year...on Saturday he mowed the flowers down. My frustration is that I have yet to have naked ladies bloom repeatedly in my garden. A few last year and none this year. I guess benign neglect works better than pampering. So these are my neighbors naked ladies.
This what is blooming in my garden this week. First up is Black and Blue Salvia.
Another blue flower is plumbago.
Mexican Petunia has been blooming for several weeks.
The first Dahlias are in bloom now.

Tall Verbena has been blooming for about 6 weeks and keeps blooming if you cut it back.
The Firecracker plant thrives in hot and humid weather.
Green Headed coneflower took a beating in the wind this week.
The rose of the week is Hawkeye Belle.
I didn't get a picture of the cut flowers but here is an arrangement.

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  1. We have had so much rain that my Green Coneflower isn't blooming, my Naked ladies didn't come up (again), no blooms on Mexican petunia, etc. Been a crazy summer. Glad you got a picture of the neighbor's Lycoris before they moved it down.