Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Everything seems to be in slow motion this time of the year except crab grass. The garden is lush with over 3 inches of rain this week and warm summer temps. I spent last week at the beach doing nothing. It felt good. A couple of new blooms in the garden this week follow. The first is Cardinal flower which is slowly developing into a nice clump.
It would not be Summer without Black Eyed Susan's.
This year I started Profusion Zinnias from seed for the curb garden. I had used Lantana for several years and wanted a change. I like this better since it has more color.
The flower in the back is Melampodium which self sows and then the orange, red, and yellow Profusion Zinnia's.

The rose of the week is Jude the Obscure, a David Austin rose. It is an excellent cutting rose with long stems and fragrance. It can be seen in the first arrangement. The other off white rose in that arrangement is St. Swithun.
This weeks cut flowers and two arrangements. It was too hard deciding which one of these two to post. I'm in my "golden years" and am not doing hard things unless it's really necessary...this didn't meet the necessary criteria. 

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  1. Gorgeous! Gone for a week and returned to healthy, vibrant blooms. How?