Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winter Walk-off 2013

It was definitely a winter day today, heavy low clouds, temps in low 40's, and a brisk damp wind.  It was good day to take a winter walk, snap a few pictures and link back to Les's blog: A Tidewater Gardener. This is the third year Les has hosted this event. I took a short drive to downtown Hampton for my walk today. I started on the 5th deck of the parking garage--what a nice view of the Hampton river. A parking garage with a view!!!

As I leave the parking garage and walk along the quay wall the view consisted of moored pleasure boats and a museum.

But as I turn the corner by the museum the working waterfront comes into view.

Next was a short walk to the intersection of King and Queen street. These names date from the Colonial period but few structures remain since Hampton was burned by the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
Not much in the way of gardens as I walk Queen Street but these wall paintings are interesting.

The next stop is St. Johns Church.
Behind the historical marker is a monument to the Civil war. Though I first came to Virginia in 1965 and consider myself a Virginian I will never be a Southerner. The Civil War left a mark on the South that while not omnipresent seems to always exist just below the surface or around the corner.
The cemetery curves around behind the city jail.  The inmates have a peaceful view as they serve their time.

As I continued to walk to city hall I came across an open space created by the demolition of old public housing apartments.
Next up is Hampton City Hall...maybe in another hundred years it will fit...just seems out of place. 
This bronze is at the entrance.

 I'm chilled almost to the bone. Time to call it a day.


  1. Thanks for walking in my Walk-Off. I remember when Hampton City Hall was built, and it has always seemed top heavy to me. I hope that is not an indication of how the local government works as well.

  2. Enjoyed these familiar sites, particularly St. John's where my relative, John Hayes, was priest for almost 20 years. A nice walk-off.

  3. Nice walk with an enjoyable contrast between very old and very new.

  4. Thanks for a nice walk around old town Hampton, my sister in law lives on Eaton, so I am quite familiar with that area.