Monday, March 11, 2013

Daffodils say it's Spring

Seems like the lingering winter is slowly giving way to spring. It hasn't been a particularly cold winter but we didn't have many nice warm days. I did get the roses in the church garden sprayed with lime sulfur and dormant oil in January. I'm glad I did it early since there was only one other day in in February when conditions were right to spray. The below freezing night time temps have scorched the star magnolia. This is the first time in recent memory that this has happened and usually they are in full bloom by now. 
Nothing says spring like daffodils. Here are some clumps in my garden blooming yesterday.

I also have a new addition to the garden that I've wanted for some time--a bottle tree. I had asked for it as a birthday gift for the past several years but my better half and kids were worried it would look tacky. I think they had visions of painted tree trunks and tractor tire flower beds. But tacky is an art form too. Here it is with my birthday wine bottle, as I share a bottle of wine with friends and family I'll add a bottle. It will be a good memories bottle tree. Only room for 20 bottles so may need a couple more. LOL!!

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  1. Certainly has been a crazy spring. Luckily spring is finally here! Sorry your Magnolia has some frost burn.