Sunday, January 6, 2013

Field of Dreams

Several years ago I began bringing cut flowers from my garden for weekly flower arrangements at church. Soon I began growing flowers in my home garden with the intent of using them for cut flowers. About two years ago I began planting roses and other perennials in garden a plot that had been prepared as an Eagle Scout project on the church grounds. This bed produced some cut flowers but was more for the enjoyment of visitors. It gave birth to what seemed like a thousand possibilities. So a couple of cutting beds were added as well as the start of a garden in the back of the church. Over the past year I've either read or browsed a dozen books on gardens and landscaping but I am destined to struggle applying the concepts. Late this past summer I needed to layout some additional beds so I applied all I had learned--make the beds 12 feet wide and the path's wide enough for the riding lawn mower. I probably learned more but I chuckle as to how much I applied. So here is the plot on the church grounds--a Field of Dreams. The first picture is looking across the bed created last year to the open field.  The drainage ditch is for runoff from the church roof. The apartments are restricted to seniors 55 and older.
Walking towards the apartments and looking to the east is a view of the field. Across the church parking lot are athletic fields, a middle school, and a several more large apartment complexes.
Standing in the parking lot and looking to the west is this view. The plot is about 100' by 200'. The church grounds extend to the evergreens. Beyond is a retail district with more than 500 stores and a convention center complex. A new arbor was built this fall as an eagle scout project, which you can see left of center.
Many residents of the apartment complexes walk through the garden to the business district for groceries and middle school students walk through at the end of the school day. After watching this parade of people when I was working in the garden I knew a wide path would be needed to keep them out of the beds.  Kids seem to like to walk in groups of 3 or more. In the future a small bridge over the ditch will be built.
As you can see the church grounds are a transition area between business and high density residential. A steady stream of people will be walking through it everyday or watching it from the apartments. I've visited a number of prayer gardens which are usually somewhat secluded which can not be achieved on this site. In addition I plan to refrain from large dense shrubs to prevent mischief and keep it a safe place. It will be not be strictly a rose garden though roses will be the dominant feature.  It will be a fun project that will take a few years to put in place and another five or more to fine tune and mature.

This is the first flower of 2013--blooming in the church garden today. And an arrangement too.

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  1. Gene, what a great idea to plan a garden for that area. It will be enjoyed by so many people. Congrats.