Sunday, January 13, 2013

Entrance Garden

I've been working on the garden area by the front door for over 25 years. Over the years I've tried different plants and layouts trying to achieve a welcoming view that is interesting throughout the year. I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning this garden so thought I'd share some pics.
The weeping threadleaf arborvitae on the right is surrounded by three holly bushes. I found this in the discount section at a local nursery. I have a carpet rose in front of it. The Nandina in the corner needs to be thinned and shortened this year.
The Holly Bushes on the right are the only original plantings though not in this spot. I cut them back severely every couple of years to keep them rounded and at this height.  They're tough shrubs. The last time I moved them I tied a rope to my truck to pull them out and they all lived. The Bear's Breech behind the pot is probably 10 years old. I will cover it if we get a real cold snap. I really like its shiny leaves. There are astilbe to the left and hosta to the right. I have tulips in the pot---still not sure if I like the pot.
I was surprised to see new growth already under the leaves of the Bear's Breech.  This plant has never bloomed for me--maybe one day it will.
This is a Little King River Birch. It was multi-stemmed (10) but over the first year I gradually removed them until there were just three and then for the next 4 or 5 years I limbed it up. I'd like to keep it at this height.
I've tried a number of different shrubs in this spot but none seemed right. I bricked it in a couple of years ago and planted annuals but that didn't seem right either.  I'm trying a camellia that I'll train on a trellis attached to the house and I've planted toad lilies in the bed too.

This weeks arrangement uses florist flowers and local greenery.


  1. My acanthus is full of new growth as well, and has never gone dormant this winter. They are also very stingy with their blooms.

  2. A weeping threadleaf arborvitea --- what a neat plant! I tried acanthus in VA, didn't do well. Those hollies are a bear to trim. We had some in both front and backyards in VA. We broke a chain trying to pull out one of them with the truck!

  3. A very pleasing entrance! I had to smile at the truck and rope transplanting. I think we've all been there.