Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tulip Planting Time

Though it was a chilly mid 30's day, it was a good day to plant the tulips I had in the garage refrigerator for the last 10 weeks.  Usually I buy them from a big box when they discount them around Thanksgiving weekend since I treat them as annuals in this zone.  I try to get several varieties that bloom at different times from April to May.  I've never been real successful in doing this so thought I'd try a mail order selection that are said to bloom early, mid, and late spring.  In a couple of months I'll take pictures to see if it looks as advertised below.
Though it is mid-winter and the temperature has been dropping into the low 20's most nights, the fall blooming Camellias are still blooming sporadically.   You've got to admire a shrub that is determined to bloom in spite of the cold weather that nips its petals.

Last spring a Boy Scout project was to build a large flower bed at church.  This fall we planted it with a variety of plants and shrubs with the plan somewhat dictated by what was donated--we've got more Bearded Iris's than needed but over time that will get balanced out.  This project will need some dedicated volunteers since it is in a very visible spot.
What you can't really see in the picture are the 10 roses we planted.  I am not familiar with these but I'm anxious to take care of them.  These are the roses:  David Austin's; The Dark Lady, Crown Princess Margaretta, Fair Bianca, Golden Celebration, and Teasing Georgia.  Hybrid Musk Shrub's; Buff Beauty, Erfurt, and Cornelia. Damask Portland; Jaques Cartier. Hybrid Perpetual; Souvenir du Dr Jamain.  I've spent a couple of winter nights looking these up on the internet to see any unique culture needs and of course visualizing them in bloom.

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  1. Your rose selection is great, will give many years of wonderful color and fragrance.
    Good luck with your tulips, I gave up on them for Virignia....I guess if you think of them as an annual is works. Looking forward to seeing tulips in your spring postings.