Sunday, October 3, 2010

And it rained and rained

The drought has been broken--more than 10" over 5 days.  Of course some ran off but I'm surprised at how quickly the standing water soaked in.  A rainy and drizzly day today too.  I had put off over seeding the lawn since it was so dry--I'm feeling like time is slipping away now.  I've got a couple of weeks to rake the thatch out and get it seeded.  Every year I have less lawn since the beds are always growing--my goal is to be able to trim the lawn with a weed eater between beds.

Below are pictures of a large (5') perennial that just started blooming--I don't remember its name but it is impressive.

I forgot to post a picture of Autumn Crocus but the clumps bloomed for a month this year.

A good plant in the shady areas of my garden is Painters Palette (Persicaria Virginiana).  It is now in full bloom and the red flowers stems really stand out on the variegated foliage.  They tend to migrate but are easy to control.

I've had a red crown of thorns for a few years and got a white one from the lady at the Dry Cleaners when they moved to a new location.  I keep them in the garage over winter letting them out on warm days.

And this weeks church flowers.

And a church arrangement with the flowers.

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