Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quiet Weekend

It was a pleasant weekend with a cool breeze, moderate temps and humidity.  It was a good time to clean up and spend some quiet moments--just thinking.  Besides the joy of watching pants burst into color or produce veggies a garden is a refuge for me.  A place that lets me get away without going away.  This is one of two spots in my garden where I can zone the world out.

This coleus is a family heirloom.  There is nothing particularly remarkable other than it was grown in my grandmothers garden and then my mothers garden.  Both have passed but this is a piece of their garden in my garden.  Occasionally I loose them over the winter but get cuttings from my brother.   This spring when I was flying back to the Midwest I took him a few cuttings since he had an early frost last year and lost his before he could take cuttings.

I don't believe there is anything new blooming in the garden this week.  The cuttings for church and a couple of the arrangements they were used in are below.

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