Sunday, August 22, 2010

Curbside Garden

I've been trying different plants in that strip of soil between the sidewalk and the curb for several years.  This area is either mostly or full sun, hot, and dry.  I tend to use annuals since I'm trying for a lot of color but use a few perennials if they have nice foliage when not in bloom.  I've converted about half of the grass to flowers and expand it by a couple of feet every year.  The perennials that tend to look good when not blooming are "Stella D'Oro" Day Lilies, Siberian Iris, Clemantis, Agapanthus, Gaillardia, and Creeping Phlox.  I like Iris when they are blooming but by August they are looking pretty shabby and Spiderwort is OK but invasive.  I've used a number of different annuals but have ruled out petunias (I like them but I've never had a full season where they looked good--they always look good in someone else's garden).  Saliva and Zinnias are very dependable.  This year I've used Lantana and Melampodium as the annuals.

I really like the show that Gaillardia puts on--but deadheading needs to be done every week.

This weeks church flowers and a couple of arrangements.  I harvested the cat tails from a ditch.

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