Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden Critters

Normally garden chores diminish in the summer but it's been a busy week trying to keep everything watered--still no rain.  Various garden critters have enjoyed the garden too. The voles have been active eating the roots of an established rudbeckia even though they have consumed 14 trays of D-Con in the last two months.  The squirrels got into the christmas cactus digging to bury nuts I suppose and broke off several branches.  A stray dog was digging for moles or voles and in the process pulled up a couple of plants.  My tomatoes are beginning to bear and this brings out the birds and even turtles eating the fruit.  The last two years I've put netting around the tomatoes but a black snake got tangled up in the net both years and perished.  I didn't put the netting up this year and spotted a black snake this week in the garden.  I hope he came for the voles.  Just the normal frustrations that keep gardening interesting.  On the plus side the phlox is the best in years.  Here's whats blooming now.

The voles ate the Liatris in the garden this past winter but fortunately I had pot of them too.

The Daisy's seem to be thrive in the heat.

Another plant that enjoys the heat are caladiums.  The impatiens are volunteers from last year and compliment the caladiums.  I didn't plan it that way but it looks good to me.

And finally this weeks church flowers.

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