Monday, July 5, 2010

Dry-very dry

It's been about 5 weeks since I've had a substantial rain.  Earlier this week a cool front came through the area and as I watched the storm clouds I said a prayer for rain.  It was a flashback moment to my youth growing up on the Great Plains of South Dakota where I spent a lot of time praying for rain and when a storm cloud formation appeared we'd then pray that it held rain and not hail or a tornado.  It  was a hot June too--the weatherman said it was the hottest on record with only 4 days normal or below normal.  I spent most of this past week making sure everything got water.

Below are two of the Dahlias that are blooming now.  Since I've had such poor luck in digging and holding them for the next year I left these over winter in the ground.

I like growing Four o'clocks.  As a kid I remember picking the little black seeds.  These self seed and even the tuber survives the winter in my garden.  These are growing with False Indigo and they compliment each other I think.

This is the first year I've grown Rudbeckia Cappuccino.  It puts on a nice show.

Another flower that I'm growing for the first time is Heliop Loraine Sunshine.  I need to move it since it is only about 18" tall not the 30" advertised.

The next is Mayfield Coreopsis.

This weeks buckets of Church Flowers.


  1. thanks for the pics gene...we're in the same dry sorts down here in Durham.

  2. Gene, your garden is as beautiful on-line as it is in person. Well done, my friend!