Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Day Weekend

It was a perfect spring weather weekend.  I finished cleaning beds, mulching, digging back the spreading Monarda and Campanula, and moved a few plants.  I thought the winter weather may have killed off the Ginger when I cleaned it up earlier but a few sprouts have broken the surface so I guess it survived.  It looks like I've lost quite a few perennials to the voles eating the roots probably the most damage I've had--even lost a Gardenia shrub to the voles.  Earlier in the week I took a this picture of the dwarf weeping crabapple in full bloom.  This specimen is about 20 years old and has the a prime spot beside the patio.

I thought I'd include a close up of a late blooming cherry for comparison.

The warm weather accelerated azalea breaking into bloom.  With more normal temps this week they should hold their blooms for a week or more.  This red on the sunny side of the garden is eye popping.

While not as dramatic Kerria has broken into bloom also.  This planting is only a couple of years old.  I have it planted near fall blooming Camellias which adds a dark green background to the more airy branches.

And lastly cut flowers for church.  This week; Kerria, Bearded Iris, Money plant. Pony Tail Fern, and the last of the seasons Daffodils.


  1. I have seen voles in my garden for years, but whatever damage they are doing, I guess I'm not noticing. That really is sad that they are getting so many of your plants.

    Luckily, you have such a stunning display of flowering trees & shrubs to take your mind off it :)

  2. Lovely photos of that great weeping crabapple...what a beauty.
    Voles are horrible little creatures.