Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Garden World

This months "Picture This contest-April 2010" hosted by Gardening Gone Wild theme is 'Green World'.  That theme is interesting so I thought I'd see what my garden had to offer and submit my first picture.  This is what I found that seemed noteworthy.

The first group are in the grey green spectrum.  They look best in the spring before the sun has hardened the leaves.  The first is Lambs Ear and the next is Lychnis.

The next group consists of plants in the bud sage.  When I see buds on a plant that I'm familiar with I know what  will be revealed but there is a hopefullness that it will be as I remember. What follows is Peony, Sweet Bay, Mock Orange, Foxglove and a pot of Chives and Oregeno.

The last are plants showing new growth.  The new growth appears so tender you can almost feel it stretching as it emerges in the spring sun.  The first is Florida Leucothoe and the second is Fatsia.

So the question is which do I submit--only one.  The deadline is April 21.  If you have a favorite--let me know.


  1. I like the Fatsia... so much green potential there, just waiting to burst forth!

  2. Hi Gene,
    The chives are my favorite but they're all good. Keep up the great work!

  3. Gene, I like the Fatsia, and the fox glove.

  4. Geeez, my mom would love your garden!!! My favs are Peony Sweet Bay & Mock Orange (1st and 3rd Bud Sage), 4th Azalea pic (purple & white), Slim Pickings for Church this week, 2nd pic under Spring Day Weekend, 4th pic under Spring or Summer, 2nd pic under Easter Flowers, 1st pic under Sunny Spring Morning, 1st pic under Garden Bursting in color and 4th pic yellow magnolia! Makes me want to grow flowers all over the place here in Santa Cruz country. I have ran around the area to see various home owners gardens in the county during "Garden Viewing weekend" to the public! It was fun and definitely beautiful!

  5. I would choose the foxglove picture to submit, the perspective is especially inviting. Good luck! I love all the grays in your pics too, lambs ear is one of my favs.


  6. Thanks for the inputs. It was a fun contest. I never thought I could find so many good subjects. Just walking around with the camera and looking closely at plants was revealing in what I miss on many days. It was a nice way to close out the day. I submitted the Fatsia pic--the lighting made the difference--and it was pure coincidence being there at the right time.

  7. Gene, I love your entry in GGW... really caught my eye.