Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Spring Morning

After a couple of wet gray days everything in the garden looked so fresh under this mornings bright sun--so I took a couple of quick pictures before work.  Hurricane Isabel six years ago broke off a River Birch so I planted a Cherry tree as a replacement.  I don't remember the variety since it was a clearance tree at the end of the season.  It grew faster than I expected and is a lot bigger than I had planned--but it is a beauty.

And while I was out I grabbed a quick shot of an Eastern Redbud that is about 15 years old.  I really like the branching.  It is an excellent specimen and seems to own that spot on the corner of the house.  It was partially shaded by a large Yaupon Holly that I lost during last Novembers Nor'easter so I expect it to bloom better next year.

The last morning picture is my mailbox curb garden.  I've been trying various combinations of plants for several years. For spring flowers I usually buy a couple of bags of tulips at the end of the season from Lowes and plant then in this spot since the voles can't get to them.  After they bloom I pull and compost them.

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