Sunday, March 28, 2010

The garden is bursting with color

It's a profusion of color in the garden now.  This is what spring is all about--nothing can compare.  The the richness of the daffodil explosion of yellow compliments the soft spring colors of other blooming plants.

 The white camellia bush is so covered with blooms it almost seems as though it has recently snowed.
Bush type Cherry blossoms are dazzling.
This Pieris has been blooming for three weeks now.  The blossoms are long lasting.
Nothing compares to this yellow Magnolia tree's blossoms in the front yard.


  1. wow!! That yellow magnolia is beautiful. I love the peachy stamens -- so delicate.

  2. Lots of white! The Pieris flowers looklike blueberry flowers. I have a yellow magnolia, "Elizabeth". It has been a fantastic performer even in our zone4.