Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring 2017-2

It seemed like Spring would arrive early when I last posted. March was a roller coaster of temperature swings. A couple of hard freezes that burned the early rose growth and knocked most of the hydrangeas down to the crown. I think all will recover though. This is what is blooming in garden the last two weeks. I love tulips and though this is not a good zone for them I treat them as annuals. The red tulips were blooming today...planted them late from a big box clearance in January.
Azaleas are in full and dramatic bloom.

It was a great year for daffodils. The warm weather in February got them off to an early start and then the cool weather in March kept the blooms looking good for an extended time.

Both the creeping and woodland phlox had a prolonged bloom this year. Again it was the cooler than normal March.
My old dwarf weeping crabapple has a very sparse bloom this year. This happened a couple of years ago too but it recovered the next year. Maybe it just needs to rest.
 I love delicate.
 After moving them twice the Solomon's Seal has found the spot to flourish. The foliage stands out in the garden.
The white camellia does not seem to have been hurt by the late frost.
 Clematis are putting on quiet the show this year.

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