Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

I always look forward to the first day of winter, not because I like cold weather, but the days begin to get longer again. The longer days awaken the the garden though it has been so mild this fall that nothing is in a deep winter sleep. I took a quick walk around my home garden late this afternoon to see what caught my eye. The most interesting blooming shrub right now is Mahonia. This is one of four in my garden. I didn't realize I had caught part of the bottle tree in the picture until I downloaded them.

Near the Mahonia is a Poets Laurel with showy red berries right now.

Next up is my earliest spring blooming camellia. It is just covered in blooms right now.

The fall blooming Camellia is looking a little tired but still adds a lot of color in the garden.

These daffodils are getting a jump on winter growth.

Just a few sporadic blooms on Kerri.

Lastly Fatsi has just finished blooming with the seed pods forming now.
A very pleasant fit day of winter walk.

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